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  • Znanje i vještine:
    HR best practices, employee relations and diversity, change management, organizational development, strategic and innovative professional, team building and leadership, coaching and mentoring, professional resume advisor and writer.
  • Ukratko o meni:

    Not your usual human resources specialist! Highly experienced in people’s operations(all aspects) working in international large organizations,I bring unique perspectives and utilize people diversity as the key to successful organizations.I have recently moved to Croatia and started to learn the language and I am looking for a new challenge and open to opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills.

Radno iskustvo

  • Human Resources Manager / Holland America Cruise Line  

    • Radno mjesto: Human Resources Manager
    • Tvrtka: Holland America Cruise Line
    • Period: 5 / 2015 - 1 / 2020
    • Radno mjesto je zahtjevalo/zahtjeva: Menadžerska znanja i vještine
    • Zadaci i odgovornosti: Proactively identified opportunities for enhancing employee work life balance and achieved highest retention rate, reducing turnover costs
      - Managed the implementation of Learning and Development role, by re-vamping and custom tailoring training programs with a successful result of high employee engagement at all levels and achieving 100% guest/client satisfaction
      - Managed multi skilled international teams achieving 100% compliance with policies and procedures
      - Spearhead a team of 9 members & deploy resources to successfully and effectively implement new Payroll system and achieve the desired results
      - Analyzed and forecasted employee rotation for specific operation zones and presented meaningful recommendations including budgeted costs, over 2 quarters
  • Human Resources Manager / Oceania Cruise Line  

    • Radno mjesto: Human Resources Manager
    • Tvrtka: Oceania Cruise Line
    • Period: 10 / 2011 - 8 / 2012
    • Radno mjesto je zahtjevalo/zahtjeva: Menadžerska znanja i vještine
    • Zadaci i odgovornosti: - Improved job satisfaction and reduced
      turnover from 50% in 2010 to 30% in 2012 - Administered compensation, benefits,
      employee relations, involved in recruiting and
      training 100 associates
      - Achieved 80% improvement in customer
      service satisfaction by streamlining human
      resources and workflow processing
      - Decreased turnover by 20% with new
      onboarding procedures, exit interviews,
      incentive programs, and employee bonus - Contributed and effectively enhanced the
      periodical performance appraisals process
  • Human Resources Manager / VShips Leisure  

    • Radno mjesto: Human Resources Manager
    • Tvrtka: VShips Leisure
    • Period: 5 / 2009 - 8 / 2011
    • Radno mjesto je zahtjevalo/zahtjeva: Menadžerska znanja i vještine
    • Zadaci i odgovornosti: Successfully implemented and developed the
      Human Resources Manager role along with efficient process and procedures and achieved higher employee engagement rate which led to increasing booking by 40%
      - Implemented Talent Management process and Succession planing which increase team competence leading to a strong cross skilled pool of resources
      - Implemented co-worker satisfaction survey

Formalno obrazovanje

  • Accountant  

    • Naziv obrazovne ustanove: Accountant
    • Stručna sprema: KV - kvalificirani
    • Država: Rumunjska
    • Mjesto:
    • Period obrazovanja: 2000 - 2004

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