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    My name is Mirvano Bunc, I was born in Ljubljana in 1989. As a baby, my parents and I went to the United States of America. There I attended an international school under the auspices of the United Nations in New York; from kindergarten to the end of the first grade of elementary school. After that, we returned to Slovenia, where I finished a bilingual Italian-Slovenian school in the Municipality of Piran. Afterward, I signed in the X. gymnasium of Zagreb with a natural-mathematical orientation. As a secondary school student, I worked for three years in a row, seasonally at the Marina of Portoroz. At the same time, I also continued intensive foreign language courses at a European-recognized language school. Following high school, I was occasionally employed and was thinking about my future study orientation and continued learning foreign languages. I decided to enroll in a four-year undergraduate university study program in political sciences at the University of Zagreb. When I made it to the fourth year of my study, I went on a personal study journey across South America where I found occasional work as well as upgrading my knowledge of Spanish and began to learn Portuguese. When I returned from this trip, I enrolled again in the last two years of the same study at the University of Banja Luka where I graduated and amplified my knowledge of Serbian and literacy in Cyrillic. Additionally, I obtained a TEFL Level-5 (240h) Certificate from Leeds in the UK.\r\n \r\nIn terms of my current path of life, studies, interests, work experience, and acquired knowledge of foreign languages, I find that I am:\r\n \r\n– Communicative and open to interacting with people of different cultural and social backgrounds as well as being prepared to work in different kinds of environments;\r\n \r\n– Developed a broad understanding of various social habits, needs, and interests;\r\n \r\n– Prepared to manage and organize work as well as having marketing competencies;\r\n \r\n– Mentally strong with a positive spirit and have a good sense of humor;\r\n \r\n– Self-motivated in gaining various types of new work experience and knowledge;\r\n \r\n– Excited about learning all kinds of new knowledge and concrete practical work skills;\r\n \r\n– Personally driven for progress on an educational level and work quality upgrading;\r\n \r\n– Quickly adaptable to a variety of work environments and new life situations;\r\n \r\n– Capable of rapidly gathering and interpreting relevant data and information.\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\nYours sincerely,\r\n \r\nMirvano Bunc.\r\n

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