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    Trgovina na veliko, osim trgovine motornim vozilima i motociklima
  • Kratki opis:
    Zagreb Global Group, LLC came out of two of its co-founders. They realized there is a niche market underserved and underappreciated. That market being ethnic, especially European.

    All others were always looking at going big tomorrow, our co founders looked at going big few days after tomorrow. We realized niche market has its advantages, at the same time it has challenges and they found the way to overcome those.

    Their enterpernual spirit and clear vision are unmatched resulting in achieving growth and development targets much quicker than expected. Initial idea was to cover Croatian market and customers, however due to the success of our vision and customer encouragement, we are working to expand on other European countries and ultimately become major player in Europe Ethnic Market.

    Our management team are leaders in their fields and share vision and passion with our cofounders.
    Zagreb Global Group and our existing brands has emerged rapidly as a “the ethnic” company in the US. We engage in extensive imports from our partners and manufacturers in countries like Croatia,Greece, and a few more nations. Our companies deal in an array of products ranging from souvenir accessories, handy-crafts, to authentic sport equipment. What's more! We are soon venturing into a whole new world-the sport merchandising and possible licensing.
    Our growth as a new company has always been very significant and consistent. We take pride in our products and our quality. Our brands have always been admired for offering the best in terms of eminence and prices. Our products are known to captivate interest and are always worth a second look.
    At Zagreb Global Group,LLC we are a winning team!!! We are all about creating attention, conversation and yielding lasting impressions.

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